Saturday, January 11, 2014

What do I have in my pocket, Its a boat

Ancient Aliens and The Lost Islands by Lars Bergen and Sharon Delarose. This book is a great read. It has been very well researched. It is so well researched its very academic. The chapter ideas are interesting. One chapter deals with Magic Mirrors. The idea being that these could have been a way of describing computers by a more primitive man. I liked some of the enchanted castle stories. The description of glowing jewels embedded in the wall, had me thinking buttons. The entire book is filled with stories that are not your typical UFO and alien stories. The Giraffe story made me laugh. The idea of portals to other worlds such as the viking bifrost is presented in great detail. I have talked about internal consistencies in ufos lately and this book has numerous examples. The portals being one example. I found some of the theories in the book highly plausible. Ants! I want to leave you with a thought. The authors came up with a theory for how to shrink a boat and put it in your pocket. Its something modern Americans do every day. If you want to know the secret, you have to read the book. A big thank you to the authors.

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